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The tabbed module style is a group of modules assigned to the same position and given the zentabs module style in the module settings. The tab triggers are populated by the module title and the tab content is the actual module content.


Click the titles below to view the contents of the module.


A myriad of module positions

The Zen base template has 40+ module positions.

You don't need to use all of them at the same time, but if you need a position, then it's highly likely that the Zen Base template has got you covered. More 


A collection of classes

Eleven base classes that can be combined to create an unlimited number of module classes.

Want to change the colour of a module? Easily add flavour to your layouts by adding simple to use moduel class suffixes for any of your modules. More.


Bootstrap inspired module chrome

Create modal windows, tabs, sliders and popovers out of the box

The module chrome functionality in this template provides an easy / out of the box solution for adding the core Bootstrap functionality within your  module layouts. More.

The modal module style replicates the core Bootstrap modal window functionality.

When a module is given this module style it will automatically create the necessary markup to display the module title as a button which when clicked will then display the content of the module in a modal window. 



Click the titles below to view the contents of the module in a modal window.

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