The Wellness Circuit

We are conscious of the power inside you. If you want to advance towards a goal, whatever is it, the starting point should begin with inside of you and should reach to having it. Regardless of what you want to achieve, the objective is to meet a need and with it to achieve a state of wellness. 

For this, we offer diverse firsthand activities where you are able to advance, among others, the following objectives:

  • Know how to connect to your emotions
  • Connect with your inner child and heal it
  • Learn to change your perception of the world
  • Learn techniques to free your emotions
  • Explore the resistances and limits that are preventing your advancement
  • Learn the language that understands our subconscious
  • Share our experiences with others
  • Connect with inner peace and the natural environment

The workshops will be carried out in beautiful, open places, in connection with nature with favors meditation and encountering ourselves.

Some of the circuits that we currently offer are: 


Dinner CoachingIs to offer participants the possibility of combining experiential coaching and dinner. Through a one hour session where couples learn techniques to enhance, improve and enhance their relationship through the use of the five senses..

The workshop part of intimacy, respect and approach to couples from the pleasure of enjoying. After completing the workshop each couple enjoy a romantic dinner, intimate paired with the best wines to continue to share and enjoy a very special intimate moment..


 It involves learning through an hour miniworkshops stress management techniques, concentration to have more mental clarity and better manage emotions, self-awareness, which will help to have more productivity and leadership, all through group coaching.. 

Besides this mini workshop that was developed in the facilities of a spa, a massage each participant will receive individual and / or enjoy a thermal circuit.




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