The education of our little ones is crucial as it depends on us to adequately develop and adapt to the society that we are living in.

At Realize “Education” we are conscious that quality education should be given in combination with all members of the educational community: children, parents, educators and the school management team. Therefore, we offer coaching services aimed at:


  • Bettering your family relationships
  • Facing the arrival of a new child with success
  • Preparing your children for the arrival of new siblings
  • Experiencing the different evolutionary stages of your child  
  • Enjoying the most important decision in your life: PARENTHOOD

Sessions for individuals, family and group



We are aware that complete education is given when all socializing agents are working as a team.

We often encounter situations where a child shows disobedience, rebelliousness, doesn’t meet certain standards and disrupts the classroom and home environment.

Therefore, we offer the possibility of providing you a team of teachers for the students’ fathers and mothers to work together at the teaching center.

Good development today will create competent adults tomorrow.

For this, we offer two options:

School for Fathers and Mothers

Here we approach different aspects of the emotional and social development of children as well as strategies that you can carry on with them.

Coaching and Training for Teachers

Obtain training regarding the complete development of students as well as strategies to approach different situations with parents and mothers.

The result is simply to provide an excellent education with regards to the emotional aspect for the entire educational community. 


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