The incorporation of an employee at a company requires an adaptation period for him or her also for their family if the change of job additionally requires changing cities or residences.

Being conscious of this, coaching for newcomers offers an action plan with tools and opportunities so that adaptation to the company and to the changes, occurs in the shortest time possible, to provide increased productivity and therefore an increase in the profits of the company.

Individual and Team Sessions   Face to Face and/or Online



Coaching for the family of the newcomer, valuing:

What are the needs of this new country
With what tools and /or strengths of the family and how to empower them.
What are their weaknesses and obstacles before the new beginning.
Establish an action plan to cover those needs and advance in adapting in record time
Always giving emotional support to the family converts this period of change into great possibilities.

Coaching for the newcomers where:

In a short time your employee and their families will be adapted completely, which will increase their effectiveness, motivation and development in the company, representing an increase of production for your company.
We have a database of our services that we can offer to facilitate their new move.





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