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Realize Coaching Solutions’ mission is to give individual and group coaching, through specialized training for distinct groups, for the betterment of people, companies and organizations, optimizing the potential of your talents, strengths, helping and supporting you in the advancement of higher levels of wellness.


At the end of the training and/or coaching process the participants self- sufficiently and independently reach optimal levels of wellness, development, productivity and efficiency so much as on a personal level as well as in groups at work.

Our ultimate objective is to empower personal organizational and group capability by providing tools that allow you to independently manage your life plan and to convert you into a successful agent of change.


Toni Lopez

Its director M. Antonia López is a certified Coach in the USA also licensed in Psychology, Master in Sexology and Specialist in Human Resources Management in Spain.

Count on a great professional background at an international level in: personal counseling, facilitating and providing resources and skills to be able to advance their wellness through individual and group counseling.

She is also a credited speaker of many conferences, events, workshops and training courses.

In her extensive training and career, her detailed experience and achievements can be highlighted as the following:


> Communication and human resources

> Professional training of diverse sectors

> Equal Opportunities and gender violence

> Sexual counseling in all of the stages of life

> Counseling for people who have cancer

> Programs to quit smoking

Her personal skills include: creator, idealist, committed with the ability to adapt, flexibility and high resolution capacity that has abled her to successfully develop projects at a national as well as international level.

Her confidence in the innate talent of people is the true reason she offers services for the development and improvement of personal and group wellbeing and to achieve goals in record time.


She leads a team of experts in different areas (business coaching, life coaching, pedagogy, psychology and human resources, etc) which allows her to individually and professionally attend to all demands in terms of content, nature and objectives to be achieved.

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